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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

London Waste and Recycling Board’ COO gives seminar to UoN environmental management students

Students on the Wastes Management and Environmental Management programmes recently had the opportunity to gain an insight into the manner in which waste is managed in London. The talk was given by Mr Wayne Hubbard, the Chief Operating Officer of the London Waste and Recycling Board (LWARB).

Mr Hubbard, who has over 17 years experience in the waste sector gave an informative and enlightening presentation on the work of the LWARB, the direction he thought the waste sector in London should be in going in, in future, and also provided some career tips for the students.

The students got to hear about some of the infrastructure development work that the Board was currently engaged in, including significant investments in treatment facilities. There was also a lively discussion about the ‘politics’ of managing waste in the capital, as well as Mr Hubbard’s views on where resources should be focused currently and in future, to ensure a sustainable approach.

With respect to career choices, the advice was simple. He noted that it was important for those seeking to get into the field to be able to think and work independently. Those that worked hard were rewarded and progressed in the sector.

The presentation enabled both students and staff the opportunity to engage with a key figure in the sector. It also served to provoke much discussion on issues around sustainable management of resources in the UK, both during and following the talk.