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Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Waste scavenging in Nigeria

Chinyere Abaneme, postgraduate researcher

My research aims to examine the environmental and socio-economic impacts of scavenging on communities and households by the informal waste sector in a chosen case study area in my home country Nigeria. Waste scavenging with the aim of selling recyclables for recycling and reuse in Nigeria over time is increasingly becoming an income generating activity, with little or no recognisable economic or environmental benefits due to limited observational research. Nevertheless, most developed countries have understood the essence of effective waste management and through many years of research and active practice, have uncovered that it is crucial in economic development and environmental sustainability as well as reduces natural resource use and aids climate change mitigation.

Therefore, my research will review the key environmental policies and legal framework relating to waste management in my case study area among other objectives in order to develop best practice guidelines for the informal sector. Qualitative methods will be employed.

So far, the support with research and academics accorded to me by the University is phenomenal. I have attended several advanced trainings and skills acquisition programmes which have helped broaden my horizon and the experience has been invaluable. My supervisors and mentor as well have been very helpful in ensuring that I keep track on the goings-on in the waste industry globally.