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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Geographers visit London

Geography students have been doing lots of fieldwork activities over the past few weeks - fieldwork is a great way to apply what we have learned in the classroom to real-world environments.

Last week five groups of students visited London to explore a range of geographical issues.

The obligatory group photo at the start of the day!

First year students took part in an activity using Twitter, which required them to develop field observation skills and write concisely.

Recording field observations via Twitter

Groups comparing their observations using Twitter

Some second year students visited the Natural History Museum to enhance their geological knowledge, whilst others explored transport geography using different sorts of travel modes.

Taking a well-earned rest after a busy day of fieldwork
There were a few opportunities to see the sights
Third year students studying water resource management learned about cholera, sewers and London's hidden rivers...

A little bit of mudlarking!
Third year students on the Children's Geographies module visited the Victoria & Albert Museum and the National Portrait Gallery. They looked at paintings and sculptures to explore how representations of childhood have varied over time.

Some third year students outside the Victoria & Albert Museum

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