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Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Reflections of a BSc Physical Geography Student - Sam Scarborough

My time as a BSc Physical Geography student at the University of Northampton has been truly wonderful from start to finish (and no, I'm not under duress to say this - honest!).

Since day one, the members of staff here have made everyone feel that they are included and that they are important - something that is much needed when starting as a first year and also when completing your degree three years later.

Throughout my time here I have met 15 or so of the lecturers - each focussed on their own areas of interest and each as enthusiastic to teach/help as the next. This leads to a very broad scope of the subjects on offer at the University of Northampton. I have found that this gives students their own chance to be inquisitive, and that it gives them the want to conduct their own research - especially true when it comes to the construction and completion of the undergraduate thesis.

My time at this University has given me some wonderful experiences - the second year trip to the USA being a prime example (see photo). Whilst there are other enjoyable and educational trips on offer here, the sights and memories of the USA trip will remain for the rest of my life; as will the memories of spending time with my course mates and spending time in the laboratory working on my dissertation.
Looking back at Monument Valley, Utah -
this is the spot where Forrest Gump stops running

Going to university should be both about the quality of education and the enjoyment you get out of that education (and time spent in the SU, of course).  So, would I choose a different course/university given the chance to turn back the clock? No - I honestly wouldn't.